www.vintagesk8.com / www.vintageskateboarding.com coming soon!

VintageSk8.com Under Construction! The site and forum will be launched soon. Stay tuned for announcements.
This website will be located at both:

www.vintagesk8.com and www.vintageskateboarding.com

This site is being developed to create an online mecca of all things vintage skateboarding. The site will feature history,
information, photo galleries, and an online forum dedicated to the subject of vintage skateboards and skaters.
This website is the vision of Thane Magee of Griffin Skateboards and Axcelspring Suspension systems, his love of
collecting classic and vintage skateboards over the years has led to this project which will grow to be an online
museum and gallery of skateboarding. We will be taking photo submissions for the gallery section, which will be
made up of photos of classic skateboards and riders from the past.  The plan is to have a historical reference point
for collectors and fans have a central place to see and discuss skateboard history.
The web slaves are hard at work getting the site developed and ready for launch as soon as possible.
Check in with Griffin Skateboards on facebook for the launch date of the site.

See ya soon!